The Taj Mahal in all its glory

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Glossybox review: Jan and Feb 2017

glossybox review january and february 2017 6

My sister, Maddie, got me an extra thoughtful present this Christmas. With little money to treat myself to regular beauty spending sprees, she signed me up to a 6 month Glossy Box subscription. Once a month, I come home to find a small pink cardboard box with my name on, tied with a black ribbon. Inside are a handful of bespoke items that I can experiment with, from skincare, makeup, hair, nails and general pamper essentials.

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22 things I learnt by doing Dry January


I thought dry January would do one if two things: Tell me I couldn’t live with alcohol and that it was literally the elixir of life. Or tell me it is poison and I am the best version of myself without it. It didn’t do either; my hungover unorganised and solemn version of myself wasn’t much fun (even though the night before definitely would have been). But neither was the best, healthy version of myself.

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Eating seasonally: Winter recipes


Try one of these 10 recipes to get the most out of the fruit and veg in season now!

Eating seasonable means eating seasonally, because it’s sensible. Why? It allows you to get creative with a variety of fruit and veg that are might be outside your comfort zone. In the winter, veg in broths, soups, and stews are comforting and warm, and full of goodness. Supporting your natural needs will keep your immune system tip top, so it’s time to get the cruciferous vegetable family at the top of your shopping list! Check out these recipes…

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