Island hopping in Thailand – 7 top spots ranked

Somehow between all the boozing I’ve remembered my favourite places whilst island hopping in Thailand

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Glossybox review: Jan and Feb 2017

glossybox review january and february 2017 6

My sister, Maddie, got me an extra thoughtful present this Christmas. With little money to treat myself to regular beauty spending sprees, she signed me up to a 6 month Glossy Box subscription. Once a month, I come home to find a small pink cardboard box with my name on, tied with a black ribbon. Inside are a handful of bespoke items that I can experiment with, from skincare, makeup, hair, nails and general pamper essentials.

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22 things I learnt by doing Dry January


I thought dry January would do one if two things: Tell me I couldn’t live with alcohol and that it was literally the elixir of life. Or tell me it is poison and I am the best version of myself without it. It didn’t do either; my hungover unorganised and solemn version of myself wasn’t much fun (even though the night before definitely would have been). But neither was the best, healthy version of myself.

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