13 important tips for beginner runners


Running outside is an easy and flexible exercise to incorporate into your routine without a huge amount of effort. Once you’ve found your rhythm and preferences, it is incredibly satisfying, endorphin releasing, and a good way to get fresh air. It is my own main form of exercise, as I can always rely on it to give me a boost of motivation when I’m in a sloth rut, and keep me trim.

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Bikini body ready: Fitness Blender’s FB30 8 week fat loss programme REVIEW

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I’m taking on my first ever exercise programme ready for the summer- Fitness Blender’s FB30 8 week fat loss programme (for busy people). Read what it’s all about and how I get on over the next couple of months…

Around this time of year it normally hits home that the winter chub is outstaying its welcome. I have been going to the gym and watching the diet, but there is something about those winter nights in with the girls that typically comes hand in hand with brownies and wine.

‘Bikini body ready’ means different things to each person, or nothing at all. It has never particularly meant much to me, not being able to get in a bikini much in Britain, but a change in the weather and wardrobe always inspires me to shift some weight and tone up.

I still have a gym membership, but to be totally honest I’m just really bored of the same thing every day! Running outdoors is my favourite exercise, but it’s not quite warm and dry enough yet. So I’ve turned to my favourite home exercise duo for an exercise programme I can trust.

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