Hi! My name is Ness, I’m 22 years old, and I am a multimedia journalist. Currently I am a Food and Lifestyle Journalist at Healthista, so check out my work there.

I work and enjoy the city of London whilst living in the countryside, and created this blog to share the zesty bits of my life. It’s a little hobby of mine, where I can talk about my favourite things: health, travel, beauty, fitness, and above all else – food!


vanessa chalmersI love to cook for the family, eat out and drink with good company. But a healthy lifestyle is important to me. I discovered a better and more fulfilling way to live a couple of years ago, and since then have been obsessed with the health and wellbeing community. Learning and writing about health and wellbeing taught me the importance of looking after my body and mind- something I continue to benefit from everyday.

But all that aside, I am an absolute foodie at heart, always determined to make the two work together. If you’re anything like me, jump right in and take a look around the site! I’ll be sharing with you a bunch of recipes,  some advice, honest reviews and inspo as I go about my daily life and travel 🙂

You can contact me by email: chalmersv@live.co.uk

Follow me on: Twitter and Instagram 



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