Glossybox review: Jan and Feb 2017

glossybox review january and february 2017 6

My sister, Maddie, got me an extra thoughtful present this Christmas. With little money to treat myself to regular beauty spending sprees, she signed me up to a 6 month Glossy Box subscription. Once a month, I come home to find a small pink cardboard box with my name on, tied with a black ribbon. Inside are a handful of bespoke items that I can experiment with, from skincare, makeup, hair, nails and general pamper essentials.


glossybox review january and february 2017

I started my six month subscription straight away. In January, I predicted there would be a box focused on skincare. I was correct, and slightly disappointed. I don’t have any issues with my skin at all, other than my eczema but that is more medically cared for. I do have sensitive skin, and trying a new product can do more bad than good, so I rarely deviate from what I know. Receiving items designed for skincare was a little wasted on me, but I was more than willing to them.

In particular, I was looking forward to trying the Illuminate Milk Cleanser. Its base of nourishing natural oils remove impurities such as makeup, as well as protecting the skin and making it supple. The bottle resembled purity, just white with minimal writing or design. I opened it straight away to remove my makeup from the day. I have in the past year had to swap my makeup remover from Simple wipes, to Simple micellar water, which I had heard good things about. The wipes were drying out my skin, so I am open to trying makeup remover alternatives.

Unfortunately this product stung the skin around my eyes, like the wipes I had decided to stay clear of. I had to use a considerable amount on a cotton pad to take off my Benefit mascara, which is stubborn as it is. It felt silky smooth as I wiped the milky lotion around my face to remove foundation, so perhaps I will just stick to using it for that.

Another skin rehab product was the Nip and Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser. The bottle looked very green beauty and clean. It’s described as a superfood powerhouse of kale, watercress and almond oil, enriching the skin and protecting it against external aggressors, from pollution to stress. The concentrated aloe vera and shea butter help to soothe and smooth skin. As I applied it there were strong aromas of cucumber, and a chemically smell. I hate to knock unique products down, but it felt rather gimmicky. As a food writer, I am definitely more of a champion for what you eat will show on the outside. In this case, I’d rather eat kale than apply it to my face.

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The Manuka Honey Face Mask hit it off with my skin, however. Manuka Honey is one of those powerhouse ingredients, with a variety of beneficial uses. I love it on my porridge particularly! The Korean face mask has triple layer sheet technology, meaning the honey would be intensely absorbed by my skin. I thought it would be like a golden gel, but instead it was a thin white mask with holes for the nose, eyes and mouth. It sticks to the corners of your face, and you leave it there for 20 minutes. After taking it off, a thin sheen is left on the skin which I left to soak in. My face felt divinely hydrated.

For the green beauty babe, there was a Natural Konjac Sponge in the January edit. Any nasties you can think of, this sponge did not have. No added preservatives, no added chemicals, no added colour and no animal product. The white tear shaped sponge is 100 per cent natural vegetable fibre and biodegradable; these are things I admittedly can forget about. It feels good to use a product that will naturally work with my skin, the soft material gently exfoliating the pores. To use, you soak the sponge in water for a few minutes, and then squeeze the rubbery feeling blob of water. After use, you hang it to dry and it shrivels to the size of your palm.

glossybox review january and february 2017 5glossybox review january and february 2017 r


The one makeup product in the January glossy box, which was rather disappointing, was Meet Matt(e) Trimony Single Eyeshadow in a dark burnt orange shade. I reckon this is a current beauty trend, the subtle rust around the eyes. I reckon this will take some practice to use, as a small amount under the eye made me look like I had been ill for a fortnight. I can see this being worked into the crease of the eyelid well, I just have to nail my technique!

glossybox review january and february 2017 f


glossybox review january and february 2017 3

I was so pleased to open this box and find a variety of treats. Just what I needed after a long stressful day of work!

The first thing that caught me eyes was Jeanne Arthes L’Eau de Rose in a 30ml size – amazing. Finding a new perfume is impossible for me, but to have one to try out is useful. This one was a delight, and I can see why they chose it for the love edition. Jeanne Arthes has spent more than 35 years working with master perfumers to create modern perfumes with a French twist. The classic rose scent smells fresh and crisp, and far away from the ‘old gran’ smell I despise. It is very familiar to Chloe, but a much cheaper version!

In addition was a bottle of the high end nail varnish Ciate. The colour Fade to Greige is probably every girls dream; a luxury but subtle everyday shade. These violent-grey taupe shades are beating nude for me right now, as nude can feel washout and very unflattering when my hands are pale in the winter. I am loving this colour.

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I was so happy to see one of my favourite tan brands making an appearance in my box – UTan. Name any fake tan, I have tried it. UTan is in there in my top five, because of it’s incredible likeliness to the real colour of tan, which so many often get wrong with that orange shade. This nourishing night crème is for the face, working to make you look glowing in the morning, which is oh-so rare during the winter months (I look like I been dead for five years when I get up in the morning).

In a gorgeously floral tube was the La Theorie des Volcans Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub (wow that is a mouthful). Basically, this face scrub uses mineral-rich volcanic paste to purify the face. It’s enriched with anti-ageing ingredients, which is where I suppose the ‘eternal youth’ comes into the name. Applying the scrub makes you look like a zombie as it turns to a translucent grey colour, but this is the volcanic ingredients getting to work. This gives the scrub a uniqueness above other generic ones. It’s vegan friendly, paraben and silicone-free, so a generous amount (30ml) of green beauty.

The last mini treat is an Ultimate Blends conditioner for one use, a ‘Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm’. I love honey in products, and after applying it to the hair I imagine having flowing glossy locks. I am trying to steer away from hair brands such as these, simply because of the amount of chemicals they contain. But heck, what’s the problem with one use!

I’ve just had my March box arrive, so hold tight for another review soon!


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