Volunteering Abroad and Travelling Ecuador- A Short Film

A huge part of my summer this year was dedicated to a trip I took to Ecuador. I was away for 3 and a half weeks, exploring the depths of the harsh jungle, the bitterly cold Andes, the huge and dangerous capital Quito, and a relaxing couple of days by the beach.

I did a volunteer programme with charity-travel company VESA, and put a lot of hard work into fundraising to tick volunteer work abroad off the bucket list (but I certainly intend to do more!)

I raised £1500 from incredibly kind family, friends, and strangers, which was my goal to get to volunteering, and would love to share some fundraiser ideas with you in the future!

After some construction work and school education in a small indigenous community in the Amazon, I made my way through the country experiencing an amazingly diverse place, full of culture, love, and adrenaline.

Above I have posted a video I filmed and edited to make the memories last.

MORE: South America’s Delicacies: From the Jungle to the Andes Mountains 




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