7 beauty products I can’t live without


Ok, I can live without them. So perhaps I should say: the beauty products I highly recommend and would very much struggle without…

1. Aveeno moisturiser

Aveeno moisturiser

I was prescribed this unknown, mystery moisturiser about 11 years ago, when my face and body were dry and itchy from eczema. Now, the Aveeno brand is huge and promoted by .Jennifer Aniston (and we all know how beautiful she is!) I have never gone a day in my life without using this 1-2 or sometimes 3 times a day; sounds excessive, and my skin probably cannot survive without it now. But it changed my life and skin irritation or spots on my face are extremely rare. I highly recommend this to those prone to dry or irritated skin, as the ingredients, including colloidal oatmeal, are used to create an oily layer on the skin, that traps water.

(p.s. the hand cream is lush- it leaves no residue and doesn’t smell of perfume).

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Promade and Brow Wiz

Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow promade brow wiz

I’ve been filling my eyebrows in for 5 years, and so I almost feel qualified to tell you this brow stuff is the best. I’ve been through a fair amount of products, including Benefit Brow Zings, but this stuff never lets me down.

I started with the Dipbrow Promade first (in dark brown), and so far the tiny tub has lasted me a year and a half, and I can see it lasting 2 years. BIG tip: never ever leave the lid off. Mine dried up and now and again I have to use a couple of drops of baby oil to get it working smoothly, (as well as warming up the product on my hand).

I got the Brow Wiz (in medium brown) a month or so ago, and it has made the eyebrow transformation process even more simple. Its so precise, so easy, and just the write amount of product to fill the gaps.

With Brow Wiz and Dipbrow promade
With just Brow Wiz

3. Blistex lip balm

A medicinal lip balm that will work wonders for sure. I went through a phase of having a rash around my mouth because of an undetected allergy for e v e r r r, and this was the only thing that relieved it, over Carmex and Vaseline (FYI: Vaseline dries out your lips so you continue to use it). It’s tingly too, so you can really feel it working.

4. No.7 foundation

No 7 foundation
No7 foundation

The one which is matched perfectly to your face using that interesting tool- it really is a perfect match. I use 3 different colours; one for winter, one for summer, and one that matches my fake tan. I shall never have a mismatched face/neck thing going on ever again. You can chose from a matte, airbrush, radiance, luminate, protect, and ‘perfect’ finish, all giving a different amount of coverage. When you get the match test you can discuss this with the beautician. Even better, each shade of foundation comes with a long list of their lipsticks that suits it best. You really can’t get it wrong here.

5. Charlotte Tilbury 6 Shades of Love

Charlotte Tilbury has been making makeup looks achievable for amateurs for years- even if I could afford the kit YouTube makeup artists use, I could not manage those makeup tutorials to save my life. But the price tag is worth it on CT, because each ‘kit’ contains all the bits, eyeshadow, lippy, and more, to give you a specific look- ‘Vintage Vamp’ ‘Golden Goddess’ or ‘Sophisticate’ to name a few. All the components have been tried and tested to ensure all compliment each other.

Charlotte Tilbury 6 shades of love

That’s why I would recommend this blusher and lipstick combo, to achieve a specific look at ease. I have the Stoned Rose lippy, and Ecstasy Cheek to Chic blusher, which really suits my skin tone.

6. Utan&Tone 40 Minute Turbo Lotion

I have gone through about 15 ‘favourite’ fake tans in my short life, and they are all great for different purposes. I’ve used this bottle of fake tan only once, but have been umming and erring about forking out for it again for a year. It is a little on the expensive side, but is the most natural colour I have seen. It comes out a murky green when applied, but I think this is what makes it different from other tans… Once it has developed and been rinsed off the next morning, it is actually brown- NOT ORANGE! It is a gel, which I personally prefer for application and finish, as it isn’t too drying.

For my full review of fake tans click here: 9 of the best fake tans

7. Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

Clean&Clear cleansing lotion

It seems everyone has a Clean&Clear or similar branded selection of face scrubs on their bathroom shelf. This is the only one I use often due to its cleansing and spot prevention properties. After taking my makeup off, a little of this liquid on a cotton pad picks up all the excess dirt you can’t see. Surprisingly, the cotton pad is black, which goes to show makeup wipes can just move dirt around your face. Make sure you rinse your face with water and use moisturiser after though, as although it is for sensitive skin, it is a strong product.





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