Bikini body ready: Fitness Blender’s FB30 8 week fat loss programme REVIEW

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I’m taking on my first ever exercise programme ready for the summer- Fitness Blender’s FB30 8 week fat loss programme (for busy people). Read what it’s all about and how I get on over the next couple of months…

Around this time of year it normally hits home that the winter chub is outstaying its welcome. I have been going to the gym and watching the diet, but there is something about those winter nights in with the girls that typically comes hand in hand with brownies and wine.

‘Bikini body ready’ means different things to each person, or nothing at all. It has never particularly meant much to me, not being able to get in a bikini much in Britain, but a change in the weather and wardrobe always inspires me to shift some weight and tone up.

I still have a gym membership, but to be totally honest I’m just really bored of the same thing every day! Running outdoors is my favourite exercise, but it’s not quite warm and dry enough yet. So I’ve turned to my favourite home exercise duo for an exercise programme I can trust.

Why Fitness Blender?

Fitness Blender is a duo of Daniel and Kelli, husband and wife. They have been active on YouTube since 2008, providing hundreds of free home workouts, ranging from HIIT, strength training, yoga, and kickboxing.

“The flexibility and lack of repetition means you’ll never be bored”

As soon as I found Fitness Blender I’ve been addicted. I’d tried celebrity DVD’s and crash diets at a young age, but these guys make health living seem so easy. Two fun and enthusiastic people who were focused solely on making exercise accessible for everyone, not for the publicity or money. You can really tell their advice is genuine, both from their experience and training.

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Kelli and Daniel. Source: YouTube

Their videos are really simple, no funky music, fake smiles, or half naked extras with six packs in the background. Just a timer, calorie burner bar on the side, and the two of them getting on with it. The simplicity gives you the same mind-set: ‘just get it done’! In their full length videos they always include a warm up, cool down and stretch, and description of the workouts structure. I think this is really important, because there have been times I have gone to a gym class with no idea what I’m in for other than a battle with 45 minutes on the clock.

I used Fitness Blender’s free workout videos last summer and lost an amount of weight and inches I was over the moon about, so I knew I could trust it again. Sometimes I’d do a full hour workout. Or I’d go for a 5k run followed by a 15 minute upper body strength workout. The flexibility and lack of repetition means you’ll never be bored.

Why FB30?

I chose the FB30 programme because obviously, I want to lose a little fat. But other than that, firstly, it cost me a measly £10.93. Just that for 8 weeks’ worth of a fitness plan. Yes, these videos are on their YouTube channel for free, but the programme has been put together carefully to ensure it works. I’m never really sure what exactly I should be doing for the results I want, there is still a lot to be learnt. So having a set programme gives me the organisation and motivation I need this spring.

“It cost me a measly £10.93. Just that for 8 weeks’ woth of a fitness plan”

I chose the one for busy people as opposed to the original FB30. The workouts are half an hour instead of an hour. I normally have enough time to do an hour or more of exercise per day, but considering the plan includes workouts for 6 days per week, I knew I would definitely be able to fit in the half an hour every single time. If I have more spare time, I’ll still have the energy to go for a run beforehand, walk the dog, or add an extra 10 minute ab or butt workout (these are also included but more of that below).

There are quite a few plans I have considered beforehand, such as the Body Coach 90 Day SSS plan. This gives a full diet and exercise plan for 3 months for £140-ish. But I didn’t feel with the pressure of the end of my degree, being between 2 homes over the summer, a city break ahead and 21st birthday, the money would be worth it where there is potential for major slip ups. (I definitley want to do this one day though)!

There aren’t many reviews of the programme, on the website there aren’t any. But there is a video on their YouTube channel showing some results. But due to my previous good experience with Fitness Blender, I knew it was worth a shot.

If all goes well, after FB30 I plan to use their FB Abs of FB Booty 4 week programmes.

The programme

The website says people have lost 8-24 lbs and seen vast improvements in tone, endurance, strength and flexibility. Awesome! It consisits of:

  • Half hour workout each day, 6 days a week
  • HIIT training, strength training, Pilates and yoga
  • Alternative beginner workouts in the first 2 weeks
  • A clean eating guide (not meal plan)
  • An optional extra credit burn (most days this is available, if not, it’s easy to find one on their YouTube channel)

The programme was on my calendar on my account once I bought it, so I just need to click on the link to the video, commit to working hard for 1/48th of my day, and eat well!

My calender

I shall keep you updated…



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